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A great interview with Alan Kay

ARM architecture

ARM development board

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Bookmarks from delicious

Bootstrapping the S08

Cheap Cortex-M boards

Chromebook diary


Command line considered friendly

Convivial computing hardware

Convivial tool

David Frech

Debugging ssh and bash

dipmicro electronics

Donuts, Inc: a creepy company

Dual sport motorcycle

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Fixing the FRDM firmware

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Freescale S08

Good first motorcycle

HTTP response codes

HTTP spec

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In the beginning was the command line

Installing Android platform-tools – the easy way

JS16 USB board

Laxen meta-compiling one

Laxen meta-compiling three

Laxen meta-compiling two

Laxen multi-tasking one

Laxen multi-tasking two

Learning sed

Lua is a convivial tool

Lua programming language

NXP and Freescale: Better together?

Redirecting properly after HTTP post

Redirecting URIs with query strings

Relaying Postfix thru Gmail

Remembering Ivan Illich

Restaurant range

RS-232 cabling

Scooter mania

Sed manual

Spoken Word


Symmetric division considered harmful

Tools for conviviality

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Unzombify your Nexus 7

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