2005 December 20 13:40

Added back the (ugly) validator buttons, and added a “Get Firefox” button.

Is this too ugly?

Yes! They are now gone from the public site; only the validator buttons appear on the “internal” site, for the use of the authors.

2005 November 04 15:41

Just now I was chatting with Michael Pruemm about the idea of a language for functional web programming, so I thought I’d make a space for discussion.

2005 November 03 00:01

I’ve moved some old blog entries from my blog on Blogger to the wiki. Enjoy.

2005 May 25 11:23

Thinking about bicycles reminded me how much I appreciate the existence of companies like Rivendell bicycle works. They are fad-free, down-to-earth, experienced, and opinionated (in a good way of course). They sell great stuff. They remind me that bicycling is about joy and freedom and not about bling bling.

2005 May 17 16:08

In case everyone thinks I’m just a motorcycle freak, I should add that I also really like these cool city bicycles.

2005 May 04 23:26

A week ago I fell victim to scooter mania. I’ve since moved on. This week I’ve rekindled an affair with a very old flame: the dual sport motorcycle.

2005 April 21 02:15

Reading WikiReadingHabits and realizing that we are not alone in having trouble deciding how to mark up changes in the text to make life easier for RecentChangesJunkies.

2005 April 16 16:41

I stumbled over an online version, in ACM Queue, of a great interview with Alan Kay.

2005 March 31 15:06

Added page on ZINC abstract Machine, the heart of Objective Caml.

2005 March 26 01:53

Even though eight bit microcontrollers are obsolete, I’m still interested in discussing their use and programming. See microcontroller shootout for a rollicking conversation. To keep things fair & balanced, we’re also talking about my architecture of choice: the ARM architecture.

2005 March 21 22:12

I spent a lot of time in the last few days researching microcontrollers, and I discovered that something I had hoped for for years has finally come true: eight bit microcontrollers are obsolete.

2005 February 23 22:06

This past week, following the iMac debacle, I went in search of convivial computing hardware. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found what I’m looking for, but I’m emotionally and physically exhausted.

2005 February 14 15:20

I’m experiencing window manager woes again.