2015 April 16 15:34

O frabjous day!

After more than three years of perseveration and hand-wringing I have decided to keep muforth under a BSD license, and have therefore duly pushed to Github all the commits that I had kept private.

Check it out.

It’s a lot of stuff:

Sadly, there is still very little documentation.

2015 April 15 10:28

Yesterday, just as I was pondering the future of the company, I got an email from Freescale about a proposed merger with NXP. I had no choice but to wonder: NXP and Freescale: Better together?

2015 April 13 16:57

I just wrote a short piece about why I’m not using Disqus on this site. I basically decided that the privacy issues were too big to ignore.

2015 April 12 20:50

Happy 2015! (rather belated)

I’ve decided to make a few changes here. I’m working on changing the way the site is generated so that less long-form text ends up on the “journal” pages – where it is difficult to link to – and instead mostly lives on “subject” pages, which are easy to link to.

I’m also now generating “canonical URL” link rel elements so that pages that are symlinked to become the canonical URL. This, together with the change that the top-level index.html file symlinks to <year>-journal/index.html, means that if people make links into the top-level page, next year those links will still work.

As always, I bemoan the fact that I haven’t been writing here as much as I would like. This site somehow remains a clunky mess, no matter how much thought, time, and energy I put into improving it. I guess that’s one of the fundamental truths of the web.

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