Nimble Machines is dedicated to rediscovering the spark that animates computing, reviving the revolution, and letting Babylon babble on.

I was inspired, when reading some Lisp papers by Henry Baker, by the name of his company: Nimble Computer Corporation.

It struck me that nimbleness is missing from computing. Computers seem fragile and clumsy. They are hard to use. They break inexplicably.

Nimble Machines captures, for me, the idea, the dream, the ideal, of computers that are simple, smart, flexible, reliable, fast ... and nimble.

Nimble Machines is a place for me to rant, fume, wax ecstatic, give directions, solve problems, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself. Unless it is obvious to the contrary, consider the ideas and opinions expressed here to belong to me, David Frech.

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News and history

I’ve been writing a blog of sorts, made up of yearly journal pages. You might enjoy reading it!