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Afilias dot info

Alan Kay

Alternative DNS root

Apache server issues

Application framework

Arch Linux


ARM architecture

ARM Cortex-M development board

ARM development board

BarCamp Portland

Bash echo bug

Bianchi Brava

Bicycle parts directory

Bookmarks from delicious


Chromebook diary


Code reviews

Color schemes

Command line considered friendly

Convivial computing hardware

Convivial tool

Cool URIs don’t change

Country code TLD

David Frech

Debugging ssh and bash

Demystifying create does

dipmicro electronics

Do the simplest thing that could possibly work

Domain name counts

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Dual purpose motorcycle

Dvorak keyboard layout considered harmful

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS updater


Eight bit microcontrollers are obsolete


Fixed gear bicycle

Fixed gear bicycle saga

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Free Geek



Freescale Freedom board

Freescale HC08

Freescale HCS08

Freescale S08JM

Freescale S08JS

Freescale S08QE

Freescale S08QG

Giving up on BSD

Good enough isn’t good enough

Good first motorcycle

Henry Baker

Hosting email on Google Apps

HTTP response codes

HTTP spec

Imac debacle

In the beginning was the command line

Installing Android platform-tools – the easy way

ITunes iPods and audio codecs

Jon Udell

JS16 USB board

Laxen meta-compiling one

Laxen meta-compiling three

Laxen meta-compiling two

Laxen multi-tasking one

Laxen multi-tasking two

Learning sed

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Lua programming language

Mere mortals shouldn’t write HTML

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Michaels notes

Microcontroller shootout

Motobecane fixie


Netcraft survey

Nicolas Collins

Nishiki Olympic twelve

NXP and Freescale: Better together?

Open source is seldom innovative

Peter White Cycles

Pic kit two and USB

Practical Internet groupware

Programming languages and type systems

Project evil

Redirecting properly after HTTP post

Redirecting URIs with query strings

Relaying Postfix thru Gmail

Restaurant range

Rewriting this wiki

RS-232 cabling

Schwinn Le Tour

Scooter mania

Sed manual

Spoken Word

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STM32F0 Discovery

STM32F4 Discovery

SX52 Forth

Symmetric division considered harmful

Tale of love and darkness

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Tools for conviviality

Tools for conviviality book

Top level domain

Unzombify your Nexus 7

USB Bit Whacker

USB development board

Using git svn

Version control

Ward Cunningham


Why email encryption matters

Why I’m not using Disqus

Window manager woes

Xi Forth diary

You and your research

ZINC abstract Machine