2017 February 23 00:16

Welcome to 2017!

Oh, the insanity. As I mentioned elsewhere, I’m not ready to say “happy 2017” – and I may never be. But I’m also not ready to pivot this “platform” – which is where I like to chat to myself and my occasional reader about technology, computing, two-wheeled transport, and other things that catch my attention (like the occasional restaurant range) – over to politics. I did ponder starting another site/blog to engage in political discourse and may still, even though I’m overwhelmed just keeping this and the muforth project site alive.

Anyway, I’m here to report that I’m still here.

I’m about to launch into an update to this site similar to the one just undertaken on the muforth site. The difference in readability is .. huge.

I’ve also finally removed the crazy Javascript redirection from www.nimblemachines.com to the current year’s journal page. I think it was messing up Google’s indexing of the site, and I was never totally convinced that it was the right thing to do. Now the site has a normal index page, with its own content (a thoroughly goofy “introduction” to what Nimble Machines is all about).

Stay tuned.

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