It is now possible to generate a flickr “badge” on any page, by just saying


where you want the badge to go. It defaults to a horizontal row of five pictures, randomly chosen from all the user’s photos, like this:

If you want more photos, append a number to the word “flickr”, like this:


Flickr limits you to ten pictures at a time. You can also see the latest pictures (rather than a random selection), like this:


If you want to see pictures using tags, just put the tags in, like this:

  [flickr10 white flower]

By editing the wiki’s it’s easy to set this up to serve someone else’s pictures! Right now it serves mine, from a dazzling assortment of about 24 pictures!

It’s also possible to see any pictures from flickr, tagged or not, by appending ":all” like this:


or, with tags:

  [flickr10:all yellow flower]

If you want the latest from everyone, use


At the moment “all” and “latest” have to be in that order. I might try to fix this later...

I left the “10” in there; if you take it out, you’ll only see five pictures instead. Put another way, the following features are all orthogonal: