After reading Sheldon Brown’s essay about fixed gear bicycles I decided to build one. This was in the spring of 2005 – before I moved to Portland (OR) and realized that fixedsters (hipsters on fixies) were everywhere and riding a fixie was the current rage. Oh well.

I haven’t had great luck at choosing bikes.

I bought a Schwinn Le Tour as my first potential conversion, but ended up turning it into a singlespeed bicycle and giving it to my dad. I’ve abandoned my Motobecane fixie project – my second try. The frame is sitting in the garage. Instead I’m focussing on building up a Nishiki Olympic twelve.

Third time is a charm? Of course, this bike too could end up as a singlespeed instead, depending on how I like riding fixed. The little bit I’ve done has certainly been fun, but sometimes I think singlespeeding is even more fun. Maybe I’m just getting too old for fixies. ;-)